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This FAQ page has been made to help you in mining coin.

How to mining on our pools?

Mining instructions:

For mining on our pools, you can reach our Getting Started Page, this page provide every informations about mining pool hostname, mining miner tools and examples of settings.

Be carefull, Anti Virus programs detect Mining Tools as a hacktool, Trojan or a Virus, disable the AV or Windows Defender and add to your exception list in the program to allow it to download/execute your Mining tools.

Take attention about algorithm used by each coin, they are not the same everytime, you can see our list of available mining pool with each their proper algorithm name.

Available mining pools:

Currency: Bytecoin [BCN] - Cryptonight

Currency: Turtlecoin [TRTL] - Cryptonight-Light Variant 1

Currency: Monero [XMR] - Cryptonight V7

Currency: Worktips [WTIPS] - Cryptonight-Light Variant 1

Next mining pools:

Currency: DigitalNote [XDN] - Cryptonight V7

How to set a fixed mining difficulty

Follow our example for include a fixed difficulty:


Our list of payment mode:

Payment mode - PPSL|PPSR (Paid Per Share Lucky|Rain):

The payment mode PPSL, is merged with PPS and a luck system this payment mode is enable by default when you starting to mining.

PPSR payment mode is the same of PPSL mode, the name is just different according to Turtlecoin.

1. For each good share, you receive a reward.

2. The higher the share difficulty, the higher your reward will be.

3. For every 1000 good shares, your next share will be multiplied by 6.

4. Random Lucky calculation on our PPS System can randomly multiply of your good share reward by 1.5.

5. If you unlock a block yourself, you take 5-10% of the value.

6. You can view your balance updated real-time on the website.

7. Rewards rates are proportional to the blocks unlocked daily.

8. Hashrate is not used for calculate your rewards, only by your work.

Payment mode - PSM (Paid Solo Mining):

PSM payment mode is specialy made for big hashrate and trust in their luck.

1. You are only rewarded when you found a block.

2. You get randomly between 70% to 90% of the block what you found, the other part is for PPSL|PPSR Mode.

Payment mode - PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares):

The more hashes you do, the more shares you earn. PPLNS means that every time the pool mines a block, shares of the reward are distributed to the miners that mined the most recent shares. Often, N is chosen as twice the difficulty.

How to change payment mode ?

In your mining stats, you can see below them 2 buttons. Click on the one of your choose for change your payment mode.

You can change your payment mode every 1 or 2 hours.

How work our Worker ID System ?

Description of the worker ID System:

The Worker ID system is a monitoring system for your workers, you can see:

1. The first date of login.

2. The last date of share.

3. The total of share submitted.

4. The current mining job difficulty.

5. The estimation of the current hashrate.

6. The estimation of the total current hashrate of your workers.

The hashrate is calculate by using a feeling calculation for make an estimation, the pool using this math calculation:

( (difficulty_share_submitted * total_share_submitted_pending_1_min) / 82) + 60 seconds

How to setup a worker name:

For setup your worker and submit it to the pool, you need to follow this instruction:

Open your miner setting, after your wallet address, writing:


If you have set a fixed difficulty you can use this syntax:




Do not set multiple same worker name on your miners, you can falsing your worker statistics.

10 characters maximum are allowed by the system, special characters are not accepted.

Depending of the amount of miners on pools, the time of refreshing statistics of your workers can take between 1 seconds to 20 seconds.

You can create a unlimited number of workers name, after 24 hours of inactivity of your workers, they are deleted automaticaly.