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Coin Name Algorithm Payout Mode Status Hashrate Miners Connected

Bytecoin (BCN)






Turtlecoin (TRTL)

Cryptonight-Lite Variant 1





Monero (XMR)

Cryptonight V7





Informations about our pools:

bytecoin uk pool

Bytecoin UK is a bytecoin mining pool owned by Unipool.pro.

This is a pool without fees.

You don't pay any fees on:

- Your rewards.

- Your transactions.

- Payment Mode: PSM & PPSL

- Worker ID System.

- Ranking System.

- Custom Minimum Payout System.

You can reach the original website of the pool instead of our dashboard here: Bytecoin UK

turtlecoin unipool

Unipool Turtlecoin Pool.

- Payment Mode: PSM & PPSR

- Worker ID System.

- Ranking System.

- Custom Minimum Payout System.

You can reach the original website of the pool instead of our dashboard here: Turtlecoin Pool

monero unipool

Unipool Monero Pool.

- Payment Mode: PPLNS

- Worker ID System.

- Ranking System.

- Custom Minimum Payout System.

What is Bytecoin?

bytecoin official logo

Created since 2012, Bytecoin is a private, fully decentralized cryptocurrency and open source. This coin provide a anonymity on transactions instead of the Bitcoin (BTC).

The security of Bytecoin is very high, for example no one can know what do you receive or send.

Transactions send are instantly proceed and are received in short time.

Bytecoin is provided by mining on pools like BTC Pool, instead the ICO's like Ripple (XRP).

The mining participating of the circulation of the Bytecoin and established first rules of his Market. Everyone can mining Bytecoin with CPU's or GPU's and even with ASIC's.

The algorithm of Bytecoin use Cryptonight, in the past Cryptonight was an algorithm who provide ASIC Resistance for many years.

After several years Bitmain have finaly proven, this is not impossible to make an ASIC for mining on cryptocurrency using this algorithm.

Max Supply: 184 470 000 000 BCN.

Official Website: Bytecoin - Anonymous Cryptocurrency, based on Cryptonote

What is Turtlecoin?

turtlecoin official logo

Turtlecoin is a fork of Bytecoin and using same tools in trying to provide the same security of Bytecoin and open source.

This coins was born in the night of December 9th 2017 explained on the official website of TRTL.

The goal of this cryptocurrency is to provide a serious marketing work with a serious team. At his start the Team have bring a large funding.

This coin use mining pools for be provided around the world who is establised his rules of his Market.

The algorithm used by Turtlecoin was Cryptonight and has been updated into Cryptonight-Light Variant 1 for provide a better ASIC Resistance on his providing by mining.

Max supply: 1 000 000 000 000 TRTL

Official Website: Turtlecoin - Fun, Fast and Easy Cryptocurrency

What is Monero?

monero official logo

Monero is a fork of Bytecoin and provide updates of security.

Based on Cryptonight, Monero (XMR) provide a new algorithm of mining: Cryptonight V7 for improving ASIC Resistance.

This cryptocurrency exist since 2014, his community is the one of the most populary.

This coin benefits of a strong development Team, and a marketing Team.

Transactions are fast and secured, monero keep also your anonymity on them.

Max Supply: 18 400 000 XMR + 0.3 XMR/minute

Official Website: Monero - Secure, Private, Untraceable